Company Values

We are the very few of the companies who take our work seriously enough to understand the problems regarding energy consumption limits and the greenhouse effect. So, we have strictly followed some policies like: -

We conserve electricity in all our shops. We do not light all the lamps on display. We preserve energy by displaying lights in the rotation. Unlike others who display a lit showroom without a thought of the effect, it has on the environment. We also use the most energy saving lights and guide customers on saving power and energy.

We are in this business for a very long time. Our customers too have acknowledged our contribution to an eco-friendly environment. We do light fittings and fixtures in offices warehouses and homes too. Even in our warehouses and dispatch areas we have energy saving light fittings. Here too we manage the use of lights very efficiently

Another principle we follow is recycling. We have a lot of customers around many cities. The packaging is very important to be able to deliver the lamps in proper condition without any damage. So, we end up using many packaging materials. So, we try and retrieve the packaging from customers to be able to recycle and reuse the materials for packaging again.

This method saves a lot of paper and thus makes it more cost-effective. With the awareness of conservation of energy and paper spreading globally, we have taken it upon ourselves to contribute to this in our own way. These policies or principals go a long way to maintain a good customer base, as they too understand us, and we also can provide them the most cost-effective products and services. All our products are made keeping this in mind. We also guide and spread awareness through our dealings. This is our way of returning the favor to the environment.