Illuminating Effect

The discovery of fire leads to the invention of lights. Fireflies too were used as lights. From oil lamps to candles to electrical lights and using the sun’s energy as lights. The world has come a long way with new and latest designs to illuminate. Lights play an important role in all our celebrations and festivals. It is irrelevant to mention its importance in our lives. It is no more just used to dispense darkness, but it is more about how you can lighten your room, home, office and any other place. It is difficult to imagine a life without it. Like a power, the cut can cripple life. We are solely dependent on artificial lights for illumination. If it is an auspicious occasion or a celebration you can see the variety of designs and artifacts.


A festival of lights is the name given to hugely popular festival Diwali. Believed to be celebrated to commensurate Lord Ram returning home from 14-year exile. It is thus named because people use a variety of lights to decorate their homes offices and surroundings. It is basically a show of lights both artificial and traditional. Diyas candles and much artistic and specially designed for the maximum effect. It is showtime of many artistic and simple lighting.


Places like Las Vegas are adorned with lights and this gives the nightlife a big boost. The display of multicolored and decorative lights. Most of the countries are renowned for their nightlife and illumination does play a big role it. So much so that tourists throng cities during nights more.


Lights are used to decorate rooms. With the shortage of electricity in many places around the world. Decorators come up with choicest of lights in rooms to give the right kind of lighting and save electricity in the process. This brought out the concept of wall lights. Lights used to give a look to the otherwise drab walls of our homes. The low-income groups may not afford artistic décor. As their concern is only to ward off the darkness. But people who need to give a style effect can do so with the use of Wall lights. Even the drabbest and unkept walls can be given a bright and attractive effect, thus uplifting the old look. Gone are the days when one used big tube light and bulbs to brighten the room. Now it is mostly used for enhancing the color and texture of the walls. 

This industry has grown leaps and bounds, with designers bringing in the latest art and making lights a fashion statement. The choice completely rests on the person, how he or she would like to use lights in their home. Interior designers can have a field day just getting the house adorned with the latest and best light fittings. Thus, new inventions and the latest inclusion of artistry in the making of lights have revolutionized this electrical industry. Streets now are lined with the latest and most fashionable lamps and lights.


It is therefore very important to get the best company or people to fit the lights and its fixtures properly. The wiring needs to be done in a way that it doesn’t spoil the wall and it is properly done to blend with the décor of the walls and its color. Most of the time the electric points and the place where the wall lights need to be mounted are not in line.

This causes a problem as long wires are needed to connect them to each other thus spoiling the look. Nowadays hidden lights are also in vogue where one can only see its projection on the wall. It is mostly done behind false ceilings and walls to get the illuminating effect and not lights.

This is again done according to the customer’s preferences, as some like it bright and well-lit rooms. Still, others prefer the effect of lights rather than its brightness. The table lamp is sufficient for studying and working is what many generally feel. This is, of course, the elite few who can afford the most dramatic effect and designer lights. The common man just about manages a light which saves electricity and in turn a low power bill.